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Launch a referral program on Fuse

How to use ShareMint to launch an affiliate or referral program for your web3 project on Fuse.

Affiliate programs have proven to be a potent strategy for businesses seeking to amplify user acquisition from the early days of the internet. The principle remains straightforward - affiliates formulate a distinctive referral link, which they then distribute to their followers or acquaintances. When the referred individual undertakes a specific action, like buying the product or signing up for the service, the affiliate receives a reward.

Although there are many services available to aid companies in setting up an affiliate program, launching a web3-native affiliate program was a challenge until recently.

Enter ShareMint.

ShareMint provides an efficient solution for crypto initiatives seeking to promptly establish a secure web3 native referral or affiliate program, fostering partnerships with leading communities and influencers within minutes.

Setting up a Web3 Affiliate Program on Fuse

  1. Navigate to and sign in.

  2. Complete the initial onboarding form, following which you'll be prompted to select the mode of utilizing ShareMint. Choose "Project".

  3. To begin a new campaign, press the "New Project" button.

  4. Specify the category of projects for which you are instituting a program. If prompted with a "schedule a call with our team" window, simply click "Continue without call".

  5. In the subsequent step, select "Fuse" as your preferred network.

  6. Proceed to furnish details like your project's name, slug, and description.

  7. When you reach the "Affiliates" window, determine the format of the program you desire to establish.

    Revenue share schemes are ideal for incentivizing actions that bring revenue to the company (like NFT mints or DeFi protocol usage). Here, the business can opt to compensate an affiliate with a portion of the generated revenue.

    Alternatively, fixed amount schemes offer a constant token amount as a reward instead of a revenue percentage. For instance, affiliates might earn a 5 USDC bonus for each successful referral, with the option for projects to disburse rewards in their unique tokens.

    Combining both revenue share and fixed amount rewards to form a multi-tier program is also feasible.

  8. The following stage revolves around integration, facilitating the tracking of relationships between affiliates and referees by ShareMint. A majority opt to incorporate ShareMint directly within their websites, establishing the affiliation when a referee links their wallet. Integration entails embedding the ShareMint SDK on your site, a quick process involving just three lines of code. Alternatively, selecting "ShareMint Page" will craft a specialized page for your affiliates to connect referees to.

  9. Add aesthetic touches to your program's page by uploading profile and cover images in the subsequent window.

  10. Lastly, enhance your project's visibility by incorporating its social media links in the next section.

Congratulations! You have successfully initiated a web3 affiliate program on Fuse. To maximize your program's reach, don't forget to list it on the ShareMint Marketplace, where affiliates from the web3 network can discover, join, and commence promoting your offering.

For more info, see section in the official Fuse Docs.

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