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How to launch a web3 referral program on Ethereum

Launch a web3 referral or affiliate program on Ethereum in minutes

Referral programs are being used effectively by companies to acquire users since the dawn of the internet. The concept is simple - affiliates generate a unique referral URL and send it to their friends or audience. If a referee will perform an action such as purchasing the product or registering to the service, the affiliate will be rewarded.

There are a numbers of services that help companies launch a referral program. Yet, until recently, there was no easy to launch a referral program that is web3-native.

Enter ShareMint.

ShareMint helps crypto projects launch an advanced and secure web3 native referral or affiliate program in minutes and partner with top communities and influencers.

Launching a web3 referral program on Ethereum
1) Visit and sign in.

2) After filling up an onboarding form, you will need to choose how to use ShareMint. choose "Project"

3) Click on the "New Project" button to create a new program.

4) Choose the type of projects you are launching a program for. If a "schedule a call with our team" window appears, click on the "Continue without call" button.

5) In the next window, pick Ethereum.

6) Next, add your project's name, slug and description.

7) In the "Affiliates" window, pick the type of program you wish to set up.

Revenue share is for programs that incentivize actions where the company generates revenue from (NFT mints, DeFi protocol usage). The company can decide to reward an affiliate with a percentage of the revenue they brought.

Fixed amount programs are for rewarding a fixed amount of a token instead of a percentage from revenue coming in. For example, affiliates can earn 5 USDC for a successful referral,. Projects can choose to use their own token for rewards.

It is possible to create a multi-tier program, combining revenue share and fixed amount.

8) The next page is about integration. This is how ShareMint tracks the connection between an affiliate and a referee. Most projects choose to integrate ShareMint within their own websites and create the affiliation when a referee connects their wallet. You will need to integrate the ShareMint SDK in your website. The integration includes adding 3 lines of code and should be very fast. You can also choose a "ShareMint Page" will create a dedicate page for your affiliates to link referees to.

9) In the next window you can add profile and cover pictures for your program's page.

10) In the next window, you can add your project's social links.

And that's it! You just launched a web3 referral program on Ethereum. Make sure you add your program to the ShareMint Marketplace so affiliates from our web3 affiliate network can find it, join and start promoting your product.

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