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Gamifying Web3 Referrals With Points

Introducing ShareMint's New Points Feature

Elevating Engagement with Gamified Points

At ShareMint, we are committed to staying at the forefront of web3 innovation. As the leading web3 referrals platform and affiliate network, we understand the importance of keeping our offerings fresh, engaging, and impactful. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce our latest feature: rewarding users with points for each successful referral. This new addition not only enhances our existing platform but also taps into the exciting new meta in web3—points-based gamification.

Why We Added the Points Feature

The web3 landscape is rapidly evolving, and one of the most significant trends we’ve observed is the shift towards gamification. Companies are increasingly using points to reward users for various actions, creating a more engaging and interactive experience. These actions can be both on-chain and off-chain, and the primary goal is to foster a sense of achievement and community among users.

At ShareMint, we recognize the potential of this trend and how it can revolutionize referral programs. By integrating a points-based system, we aim to:

  1. Boost User Engagement: Gamification through points can make the referral process more enjoyable and motivating for users.

  2. Enhance User Retention: When users are rewarded for their actions, they are more likely to stay engaged with the platform.

  3. Drive More Referrals: A points system can incentivize users to refer more friends and contacts, expanding the reach of referral programs.

  4. Provide Versatile Rewards: Points offer flexibility in rewards, allowing for innovative and varied incentives that cater to different user preferences.

Use Cases for the Points Feature

The new Points feature is designed to be versatile and impactful, with a range of potential use cases that can benefit both affiliates and users. Here are a few examples of how this feature can be utilized:

  1. Affiliate Rewards: Affiliates can now earn points for each successful referral they make. This not only rewards their efforts but also encourages them to bring in more high-quality referrals.

  2. Task Completion Rewards: Users can earn points for completing specific tasks, whether on-chain or off-chain. These tasks could include anything from engaging with content, participating in events, or completing surveys.

  3. Community Engagement: Points can be awarded for participation in community activities, such as joining discussions, contributing to projects, or helping other users.

  4. Incentivizing Purchases: Points can be used to reward users for making purchases or transactions within the platform, driving more economic activity.

  5. Token Airdrops: One of the most exciting aspects of the Points feature is its potential for token airdrops. Users can accumulate points and then receive token rewards based on their points balance. This creates a seamless bridge between engagement and tangible rewards.

How To Rewards Users With Points In A ShareMint Program

When creating a new program, or when clicking on the "Settings" which allows you to edit an existing program, under the "Affiliates" section you will be able to choose how you reward your affiliates.

Choose "Fixed Amount" and pick "Points" under "Token". You can even choose a name for your points or simply use the default name "Points"

You can choose the amount of Points an affiliate receives per successful action his referees perform.

It's also possible to pick several actions where each action rewards the affiliate with a different amount of points.

Unlocking New Possibilities with ShareMint

With the introduction of the Points feature, ShareMint continues to lead the way in web3 referral programs and affiliate networks. This new approach not only enhances the user experience but also opens up a world of possibilities for teams looking to maximize their outreach and engagement.

We are excited to see how our community will leverage this feature to create more dynamic and successful referral programs. Whether you’re an affiliate looking to boost your earnings or a user eager to engage more deeply with the platform, ShareMint’s Points feature offers a powerful tool to achieve your goals.

Stay tuned for more updates and innovations as we continue to evolve and enhance the ShareMint platform. Together, we are making web3 referrals more rewarding and engaging than ever before.

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