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Web3 Gaming Unleashed: Harnessing Affiliate Marketing for Growth

The realm of web3 gaming is rapidly evolving, marked by its use of blockchain technology and a departure from traditional gaming models. Web3 gaming tokens have skyrocketed in November 2023. These gaming companies, which raised funds in 2020/2021, have been consistently building throughout the bear market. Therefore, the market understands that a big number of high quality web3 games are about to drop and change the landscape of crypto. In this context, the integration of web3 affiliate marketing is emerging as a critical strategy, perfectly aligning with the decentralized and player-centric nature of these games.

Web3 gaming and web3 affiliate marketing share a foundational principle of decentralization and transparency. The trust and accountability provided by blockchain technology in web3 referral marketing systems offer a unique advantage over traditional marketing methods. Moreover, the tokenization aspect in these systems results in more compelling incentives for affiliates, and sometimes, for referees as well (more on that in the case study below).

Benefits of Web3 Native Affiliate Marketing for Web3 Games

  1. Enhanced User Acquisition and Retention: Utilizing a web3 affiliate network like ShareMint is a powerful method for driving user acquisition. These networks leverage the connections of affiliates to reach a broader audience. The retention of these users is further bolstered by rewarding them with crypto tokens or exclusive digital assets.

  2. Increased Revenue Streams: A well-structured web3 affiliate program strategy can diversify and increase revenue streams for game developers, often yielding a higher ROI compared to traditional marketing techniques.

  3. Community Building and Engagement: The power of web3 referral marketing lies in its ability to build and engage a community. This approach transforms players into active promoters, enhancing the game's outreach and player engagement.

  4. Transparency and Fair Compensation: The transparency of blockchain ensures accurate tracking in the web3 referral program, fostering a trust-based relationship between developers and affiliates. This leads to fairer compensation models and more sustainable partnerships.

  5. Innovative Marketing Strategies: The flexibility inherent in web3 allows for unique and innovative marketing strategies, which can be particularly effective when implemented through web3 referral programs and web3 affiliate programs.

Case Study

Crypto Unicorns recently launched their web3 referral program, powered by ShareMint. This strategy not only attracted new players but also significantly improved player retention through unique in-game rewards.

The Crypto Unicorns referral program benefits both affiliates and referees:

For Affiliates: Affiliates sign up via ShareMint, create and share customized referral links, and earn escalating USDC rewards for each game chapter their referee completes. The program offers detailed analytics for affiliates to track their impact​.

For Referees: New players signing up as referees have the opportunity to complete up to three chapters in the game. Each completed chapter earns them RBW (Rainbow Token) rewards, which increase as they progress. This system not only encourages new sign-ups but also incentivizes continued engagement with the game, as players earn valuable in-game currency for their accomplishments​.

Reward Distribution: Affiliates are paid bi-weekly in USDC, streamlining the rewards process. referees can withdraw their earned RBW tokens from a dedicated smart contract upon completing quests.

You can learn more about how it works in the official guide.


As the web3 gaming universe continues to expand, the integration of sophisticated web3 affiliate and referral marketing strategies becomes increasingly crucial. These strategies not only promote a more immersive and rewarding gaming experience but also pave the way for a more interconnected and dynamic digital gaming economy. Looking ahead, the fusion of blockchain technology and affiliate marketing holds the promise of redefining the boundaries of web3 gaming and marketing.

ShareMint helps web3 games grow by making it easy to launch web3 native referral and affiliate programs and partner with top web3 communities, content creators and influencers.

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